Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 2 Results

(click map to make bigger)

The race continues and Greased Lightning is still in the lead. But not far behind them is She-Power, who has stopped off in Orlando. I hope they don't have too much fun on the rides this week. They're only about 120 miles behind the leaders. Also making it to Florida this week are the Racing Rhetoricians who has stopped for the night in Jacksonville, FL. Hopefully, they won't rest too long because Team Alpha... is only 85 miles away! Finally, the two teams who are taking in NC (and who can blame them!) are The Atalantas and Get 'er Done. Hopefully both those teams will move past the beautiful North Carolina scenery next week!

Good job this week, racers! I wonder how the midwest will feel next week as our teams head toward Belleville, IL and Tulsa, OK!

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