Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Final Results

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Well, everyone,

The race is over! You've done an excellent job over the last week. Big round of applause for everyone!

No one quite finished the race all the way, but we did have a winner. Below are the final tally's for Week 10 and the overall miles for the race:

Greased Lightning
Chris 12.5
Jessy - 49
Julie - 4
Monica- 34
Total: 7255

Holly: 24
Jenny: 17.5
Betsy: 39.5
Julie: 5
Total: 6980

Team Alpha
Jennifer 12
Lesley 12
Josh 8
Stacie 22
Total 5950

The Atalantas
Kira: 8
Jenni: 21
Karen: 7.5
Beth: 21
Total: 5698

The Racing Rhetoricians

Sarah Bollinger 4
Georgie Miller 3
Stacy Day 8
Mike Caplet 20.5
Total: 4915

Get ‘Er Done
Dalyn 6
Jennifer W. 13
Sara V. 5
Patrick 1
Total: 3325

So Greased Lightning are the big winners!! Congratulations!

Good job everyone!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week 9 Results

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WOW! Some teams took advantage of the no-mile limit this week and sped across the country. Greased Lightning (6305) surpassed She-Power (6120) for the lead! Interestingly, they made it to Prairie du Chien, WI. This is Monica's hometown and she's the captain of the team. What a great coincidence! She-Power is still in Iowa just passing through Des Moines, trying to catch up with the new leader. Team Alpha (5410) barely retained their 3rd place spot as The Atalantas (5410) kicked it in high gear and almost surpassed them. Hopefully Team Alpha and Team Atalantas keep up the fight as we go into this last week of the challenge. Losing a little steam this week, The Racing Rhetoricians (4560) are just outside of Las Vegas; hopefully they don't get slowed down by the ring of the slot machines! Finally, Git 'er Done (3075) is chugging along nicely. They've made it into Texas and will hopefully soar over to Arizona this coming week.

Last week, gang! Next week we'll crown some team the winner!! It's only 1400-ish miles away for Greased Lightning. Given they had almost 900 miles this week, it's not unreasonable to think they could make it all the way back to RI!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron - Week 9

Week 9 - Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron

Josh 9
Jennifer 12
Lesley 3
Stacie 40

Total Miles: 64
Week Virtual Miles 640 - 5 miles= 635

Total Virtual Miles: 5410 miles

The Atalantas - Week 9

Kira: 7
Jenni: 37
Karen: 8
Beth: 38

Weekly miles = 90
Weekly virtual miles = 900

Total virtual miles = 5313
(I really hope that's right!!!)

The Racing Rhetoricians - Week 9

The Racing Rhetoricians - Week 9
Sarah Bollinger 4
Georgie Miller 9
Stacy Day 10
Mike Caplet 14

Total miles 37
Total virtual miles 370
Virtual miles to date 4560

Git 'Er Done--Week 9

Patrick 15
Dalyn 5
Sara 5
Jennifer 10

Total miles: 35
Virtual miles: 350

Total Virtual miles: 3075

She-Power Week 9

Julie - 0 miles
Jen - 2 miles
Betsy - 32 miles
Holly - 25 miles

Total week miles = 59
Total week virtual miles = 590

Overal total virtual miles = 6120