Friday, August 5, 2011

Week 7 Results

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Update: Due to a math miscalculation, we have a shift in the standings. It seems ShePower is still on top with 4875 miles, but Greased Lightning is really close behind with 4737.5 miles! Less than 14 real-life miles separate these two teams! It's still anyone's race!

Wow! You've all been amazing the last two weeks. I'm back from vacation (amazing!) and impressed with all the teams!

In the last two weeks, Greased Lightning has regained the lead and is just outside Provo, UT. They completed 4917.5 miles and is more than 1/2 way to the finish line! But don't discount She-Power! They are not far behind in Filmore, UT. They've covered 4875 miles and don't show signs of slowing down. In the last two weeks, Alpha has also gained the lead over the racing rhetoricians! They're outside of Victorville, CA (after covering 4100 miles!) while the Racing Rhetoricians are on their way to Lake Havasu. The Atalantas had a clerical error, resulting in a 100 mile gain! They're not far behind the RR as they stop in Flagstaff, AZ for the night. Last, but not least for sure, Git 'er Done is not far from Betsy's hometown of Tulsa, OK. They're just outside of Joplin as they work their way through the midwest.

We only have a few weeks left of the competition! This is the last week we have any mile restrictions! So work hard to reach your goals!!

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