Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week 8 Results

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After 2 months of intense racing, we're only 2 weeks away from a crowned winner. This week teams worked hard and improved their standings! She-Power has continued to hold its lead over Greased Lightning, but just barely! She-Power made it to the Nebraska border this week, while Greased Lightning is just a few miles behind in Laramie, Wyoming! Team Alpha, the Atalantas, and the Racing Rhetoricans are all vying for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th spots. This week, Team Alpha made it all the way to the Mojave National Preserve. Hopefully they don't spend too much time enjoying the gorgeous scenery. Not far behind are the Atalantas who are in Victorville, CA, and working hard to keep up are the Racing Rhetoricans, who are just outside of Riverside, CA. Get 'er Done must be loving the midwest because they've been hanging out there for the last few weeks. Right now, they are just about 50 miles outside Tulsa (Betsy's hometown!). Hopefully next week, they'll pass right through OK and push their way into Texas!

Only 2 weeks left of this fierce competition! Keep racing your hearts out! Next week, there are no limits on how many miles a team can go, so be sure to count every mile!

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