Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 4 Results

(Click on map to make larger)

Week four brought an upset to the leading team! Team She-Power moved into first place and is taking a short rest in Armarillo, TX!! Also in Texas is Greased Lightning, hanging out on the border of TX and Oklahoma (home state of Betsy!). Both teams Racing Rhetoricians and TASACDWS are taking a nice hike in Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri. This team is only 5 miles apart!!! Next week there could be another upset. Watch out, Racing Rhetoricians! Finally, the Atalantas took a decent lead ahead of Git 'er Done. The Atalanta's are just outside Mandestor, TN, while Git 'er Done is enjoying the beauty of Arabi, GA.

We've been at this a month so far, gang, and I can't believe how fun it's been! I love the competition of it all. So keep going. Work hard, and push yourselves this week!

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