Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 5 Results

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Week 5 brings two teams to Arizona! She-Power is close to Lake Havasu! I hope they get a chance to swim in the huge lake. But they shouldn't stay too long because Greased Lightning isn't far behind and hankering to get back their lead! Still fighting to maintain their 3rd place lead is Racing Rhetoricians. They're spending time in Amarillo, TX, but JUST behind them is Team Alpha!! Alpha is SO close to passing into 3rd place. Finally, the Atalantas have left Git 'er Done in the dust! They've made their way to just outside Tulsa while Git 'er Done is just outside Warnecke's hometown in Illinois!

Good job teams. We're almost all the way across the country. Next week I bet at least one team will be making the turn in California and headed back east!

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